#1 DEAD OF THE BRAIN Story English translation version [PC-9801] [Voice comment is in Japanese]

The game commentary is in Japanese, and the in-game text is google translated.
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※※ Because it is a zombie type, those who are not good at reading should be careful! ※※

The first of the Nightmare collection! !!
It is a zombie horror ADV released in 1992.
If you do not answer correctly by selecting the timed expression (timer display), you will be bitten by your head.
The selection range was severe in dot units.

I played it a long time ago, but since I forgot it, it’s a gameplay that I remember.
It’s almost uncut , so it’s progressing slowly.

I didn’t talk much about it, but the BGM is cool.

Somewhere in the United States. One night later, a young man, Cole, who returned home after working overtime, received a phone call from his friend, an old scientist, Doc, asking him to come and see his invention immediately.
When Cole went to Doc’s house, he and his cat, Kitty, were there.
However, Kitty, who should have been calm, somehow strips Cole’s fangs and attacks.
Because of that violence, Doc is forced to shoot Kitty.
Cole, who was upset by the situation in front of him and thought that Kitty had rabies, said that Kitty had died of senility a week ago and that he had developed a resuscitation drug over the years. Confess that the sample was injected into the corpse.
Cole is confused by the unbelievable words, but as evidence of this, when Doc showed Kitty’s corpse a resuscitation drug, it began to moan again.
To Cole, who is pleased with the astonishing invention, Doc also confesses that the subject becomes violent due to side effects and gains abnormal muscle strength, and that he has not yet administered it to humans due to concerns about them.
That was the reason for Kitty’s transformation.

At that time, police officer Jack visited Doc’s house, saying that he had received a complaint from the neighborhood due to the cry of Kitty that had continued for a week.
Cole and his friends hurriedly hide Kitty in the fridge, but when Jack hears the cry and opens the fridge door, Jack’s throat is cut off by Kitty who jumps out with the last force and he dies instantly.
In a situation that no one would believe, Doc administers a resuscitation drug to his corpse, hoping that Jack will be resurrected with reason, but soon it will turn to Cole and get up. With a violence that exceeds Doc’s concerns, he attacks the living person in front of him.
Cole and his friends escape from Jack, who can’t fall after being shot, but that’s just a harbinger of the horrors and tragedy they’re about to encounter.

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